About Us

What we’re about

Unique flavor combinations. Desserts that are appealing to the eye and palate. Quality ingredients from local and small businesses.

The Tasty Morsel specializes in hand-crafted unique flavor combinations, personalized spin on traditional desserts, and small batch baking.

I want each bite to be an experience - for it to create a memory that makes you smile and say, "dang that was good!"  You know if something is tasty or not with the first bite. All it takes is a TASTE to know anything from The Tasty Morsel is CERTIFIED TASTY.  Just look for this stamp! 

The Tasty Morsel is owned by a hard-working, recipe mixing mom and wife. Based in Central Indiana, our desserts are available for local pick-up. Our cookies and bars are available, online, 24/7.  


My Story

I am Samana Huggins, founder and Chief Tasty Officer (CTO) of The Tasty Morsel. In 2018, crunch cakes were popping up all over the internet (thanks, Pinterest). My husband's birthday was approaching and I just HAD to have one. After searching local bakeries to recreate the layered dessert, I came up empty handed. UGH! I thought "well, I'll just make it. It can't be that hard. I've watched enough cooking shows" (Hello, Food Network!) --from there The Tasty Morsel was born.

I began experimenting by adding dashes of this, tablespoons of that, and POUNDS on top of POUNDS of butter and sugar until I created the flavor combinations you see before you today. I've been given a gift and it's a part of my purpose to share! There's just something about the energy and warmth that comes from seeing people enjoy my food. The best part? It tastes as good as it looks! Try me --all it takes is a TASTE